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            • BYE highly focuses on innovation and stability of products. Its persistence in providing products with excellent performance and high quality makes it trusted by all the customers. Besides grid, power generation and rail transit, BYE’s products are widely used in major projects of Municipal Facilities, Building and other fields.

              Environmental protection and Hydraulic:Environmental Protection: Guangzhou Yonghe Sewage Treatment Plant, Guangzhou Dashadi Sewage Treatment Plant, Shanwei Haifeng Sewage Treatment Plant and other 100 environmental protection projects.

              Building Materials:Building Materials: China Resources Cement Holdings Limited, Fuyao Group, etc.

              Educational Field:Guangzhou University City, Peking University Science Park, Beijing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Guangzhou Asian Games, Asian Games changed expansion of the city and municipal courts, Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Jiangxi Province, Dongguan City People's Hospital, Shenzhen Futian People's Hospital surgical resident at the Tower Etc.

              Military Facility:Chinese People's Armed Police Special Police College project 568, General Hospital of Guangzhou PLA, General Hospital of Beijing PLA, etc.

              Air Transport:Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport, etc.

              Hotel、Supermarke:Beijing Yanshan Hotel, China Hotel, Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Science Centre Jade Crown Plaza etc.

              Radio and Television:Dongguan Radio and Television Centre, BTV, CCTV etc.

              Communication:China Telecom, China Mobile, etc.