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            • Nowadays, the power industry is in rapid development. There are five monopoly power generation groups as China Huadian Corporation, Datang Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Huaneng Corporation and China Power Investment Corporation and four rising stars as China Resources, Guohua Power, State Development & Investment Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corporation, all of which make great contribution to the power construction of China.

              BYE has been focused on high and low transmission and distribution areas for over twenty years. Its best quality and excellent service are praised and recognized widely by users in power industry. So far, BYE already has outstanding achievement of over 100 power stations covering the field of thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power etc.

                Twenty years ago, the spark, is now burning,lighting up China's urban, rural, highlands, plains.

              BYE establishes long-term partnership with the top five power generation group and the four rising star in power generation by providing the best products and hob-and-nob services for them and their affiliated enterprises.For the services we provide, customers can leave evaluation about our working level and attitude at our service card, please do not forget to give us your valuable advice, so that we can further improve our service levels.