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            • In metallurgy of iron and steel, BYE’s achievement has surpassed the boundary of north and south, providing excellent high and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment for customers of Shougang Group, Angang Steel Co., LTD, Jinan Iron & Steel Co., LTD in North China and Baosteel Group Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, Xiangtan Steel Corporation, Masteel, China Shaogang in South China, helping technical innovation and sustainable development of traditional domestic industry.

              In 2005,when the State Department announced the relocation of Shougang's decision everyone was shock. For the relocation of shougang is not only the key project of National Eleventh Five-Year Plan but also the major relocation project for 2008 Beijing Olympics so the world pay much attention to it.

              At the project of Shougang relocation and the most important project of 2008 Beijing Olympics Games BYE become the biggest winner among domestic switchgear manufacturers sharing the market with ABB and Siemens, for the sake that it successfully got the bid of 1000 high and low voltage switchgears

              On the basis of the need for environment protection and product security, BYE unceasingly improved the product solutions, providing excellent products and services for 2008 Beijing Olympics with pure sincerity as a national private enterprise.