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            •  Paper industry


              Nine Dragons Paper Co.,Ltd is famous at paper industry. It’s the largest producers of China and it supplies global services.Each year Nine Dragons Paper Co.,Ltd expands it’s capital and land, and thus derived a lot of demand for power supply equipment,but it’s tight delivery and large need make the suppliers stare accompanied raspberry.

                 For years,BYE has always been the most faithful and reliable partner of ND Paper for providing over 1600 high and low voltage switchgear equipment for this group and its affiliated enterprises, such as Dongguan ND Paper, Dongguan Sea Dragon Paper Industries, Dongguan to Paper, ND Paper Industries (Taicang), Sea Dragon Paper Industries (Taicang), ND Paper (Chongqing), ND Paper (Tianjin) Co. Company.

              As the long term strategic partner of ND Paper, BYE accumulates affluent experience of project management and favorable solutions in paper industry which enables it to meet all the need no matter how much the quantity is and how urgent the deadline is.





              Pearl River Delta is the most active car consuming market whose capacity is the second largest and with the forth place of car consumption in China. This market is always the world of Japanese car which has five famous joint venture brands as FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng-Nissan and Dongfeng-Honda, altogether with over 50% occupation in Guangdong market.

              BYE is located at this active zone, with ten years’ joint venture and technology partnership with Toshiba and Mitsubishi. BYE makes full use of its born advantage to design the most professional and reliable solutions according to the industry characteristics for car manufactures.

              BYE gains recognition and trust of customers for it has been tested by Japanese car’s high standard for reliability, security and flexibility over the years. The transmission and distribution equipment of BYE is absolutely your best choice!