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            • To develop nuclear power vigorously will be the inevitable trend of China power development!

              By now, there are six nuclear power plants in operation, thirteen of which are under construction and twenty-five of which are prepared to construct. According to the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the need for domestic nuclear power equipment would be up to above 70% before 2020. By that time domestic nuclear power equipment market will be opened up to 36 billions. Guangdong, which has two nuclear power plants in operation and three under construction, will play the leading role in China nuclear power construction.

              BYE, which is in the hinterland of Peal River Delta, is the right one to meet the need. BYE seizes the opportunities to provide high and low voltage switchgear equipment in cooperation with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corporation (CGNPC), one of the biggest winners in the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan, at Guangdong nuclear power construction projects.

              The requirement of product security in the exploitation of nuclear power is the most highly one to any other energy. It has extremely strict standard to suppliers and their quality management, product process and the reliable performance of equipment.

              BYE has twenty years’ experience of product application at rail transit, auto industry, petroleum, metallurgy of iron and steel and other field that require high security. BYE’s professional project management team which is taken charge of by senior engineer of China has rich experience at product R&D and operation of the industry that are advanced in the nuclear power and trusted by all the customers.