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            Terms of service

            This provided in all of the information, documents, product and the service, trademark, logo, graphics and pictures (the above contents hereinafter referred to as the "information") are copyright or already registered trademarks, is guangzhou baiyun electrical equipment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "white clouds appliances,") and its subsidiaries property. Without allows use of this contain any material, will violate copyright laws, regulations, and communication of the trademark law.

            Baiyun appliances will grant the fraction of the user permissions, confined to user's personal computer, with personal use for the purpose of material displays. Users should understand, without baiyun appliances written agree, users shall not any other purpose to use baiyun appliances provided information. Users should strictly abide by not to anyone (including with users at the same company or organization of others) to copy, distribute, sales, publishing, radio, or circulation this material contains any information. Users must not will this Posting to the contents of the newsgroups, mailing lists or bulletin boards. Users without written description of samsung make the case, he shall not be entitled to any amendment, edit, change or add any content of this material. If you breach of the above terms of any a provision, we shall have the right to terminate the use of user all on this behavior, and without notice this user. Once the termination of this license, you will be immediately destroyed from this website access any print or downloaded material, we without notice.

            If users agree without baiyun electrical or its authorized representative of the prior written permission of case shall in any other server or based on Internet equipment built on this contains any material or third party content "structure" or "mirror image".

            This can with the world wide web or Internet, not by baiyun electric control or maintenance of other site link to it. Such link does not constitute samsung this behavior authorized. Baiyun appliances for users provide such links only for convenience, baiyun appliances for the contents of this site are liable.

            Some of this region is only for the password authentication user authentication open area (" authentication plate "). If the user is an authentication user authentication of the plate, you are on your password and account information confidential all responsibility, and agreed that once the password of user lost, stolen, or leak to the third party without authorization, or account of safety and security has been threatened, shall immediately notify baiyun appliances. Users are to their accounts in all activities and events, including any solely responsible for the user password protection account occurred under any expenses, and whenever the user if such operation individuals. Users should any unauthorized use of user accounts of behavior, or any endanger relevant safety incident user, and for the timely inform baiyun appliances.

            Users should understand, this site there may be some influence material quality as well as the third party content mistakes or printing mistakes. This material or any third party content, whether its whole or part, have not been verified or identification, samsung, baiyun appliances not same help the material or the third party content or provide the guarantee the correctness of timeliness, meanwhile, baiyun this information and the electric the omission of third party content is liable, regardless of is by third party caused by electrical or white clouds.


            This service and information is only for the customers, offering baiyun appliances this service and material aims to users. Baiyun appliances not to users conferring any for any such services and material's permission or ownership. Baiyun appliances for the service and information cannot be, the server or other server contain other project correctness, completeness, reliability, provide the guarantee. Therefore, users should not rely on this is provided in the service and material, unless we in writing by the direct suggestion users can do so please don't depend on or using the service and material, to purchase, sell, trade or handle any securities. Note that the information provided herein doesn't satisfy the different national management institutions, including but not limited to, the China securities and exchange commission, the requested information disclosure requirements. Please don't according to the service and information provided herein for any investment decisions.

            Users should understand, this service and information provided by baiyun appliances, and at the same time, for this service or material, baiyun appliances not responsible for ensuring that which, directly or indirectly, to merchantability and article in a special purpose suitability of any commitment.

            Liability limit

            Under current law allows the maximum range, baiyun appliances will not put forward the user or the third party caused by users display copies or download this contain information or data generated by any loss undertakes the responsibility. Because the user's reason, baiyun appliances for the user or the third party cannot direct, indirect, potential, special accidental loss (including data loss, income, profit, or other economic advantage loss) liable, regardless of how it had happened, no matter it is illegal or produced tort, even if is baiyun appliance has previously remind users may produce such losses, the possibility of baiyun appliances have also does not undertake any responsibility.

            International users need to comply with the law

            Baiyun appliances from China headquarters to this management and operations. If the user outside China sites use of this, the user must abide by the current domestic laws and regulations, including but not limited to other countries on this material and third party content of export and import method, take full responsibility.

            Violates clauses

            If the user violation of this clause, baiyun appliances reserves without prior notice to the specification or to terminate the for the users to provide service of right. Baiyun appliances will to users of the improper conduct advice, and users are suggested to take the right behavior. However, if the user that violate baiyun electrical behavior of the above terms and cannot be tolerated, then the user's breach will directly cause its in our service is terminated.

            Baiyun appliances its authorized representative of this can be referred to service and price change or modify, if at any time, without notice in the cases happened such modifications, users should further agree, baiyun appliances can post a way, in without notice, at any time of the above terms and modification. In such revision after, user continue to use this, shall be deemed to this user agree to the above amended terms of service.

            Any with the above terms associated behavior may be subjected to the current law of China jurisdiction, and shall not with any judicial legal clauses is inconsistent. With the above terms and users of this relevant produces in the process of any dispute, are kept in arbitration. If baiyun appliances failed to exercise the above clause stipulated any right or provision does not constitute abandon such right or provision, unless baiyun appliances in writing by the acknowledges and agrees. This clause by users and the entire agreement be