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            BYE insists on "customer first" as service mission and adhere "BYE is by your side" as service concept, supplies fast and efficient emergency service, considerate active service, customized value-add service. With perfect service project, standard service process and professional service team to supply the most intimate and secure customer service.

            Emergency Service

            ?Handle emergency equipment failure
            ?Ensure the normal use of equipment
            ?Meet users' reasonable requirement

            Active service

            ?Active to find customers' requirement
            ?Enhance customers' satisfaction

            Value-add service

            ? Customization
            ?Satisfy customers' special requirement
            ?Exceed customers' expectations

            BYE owns reliable service support ability and perfect service network, supplies a series after sales project: technical cooperation, acceptance of supervision, technical training, installation guide, site debugging, escort, free maintenance during the warranty period and lifelong warranty paid.
                 Customers satisfaction is our ceaseless goal: "We will try our best to satisfy you and exceed your exception".